Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Technical Review starts today

The traditional end-of-year Lunchsat technical review is to begin today, Wednesday 19 August, at 13:00.

An important part of the project, the Technical Review concludes Lunchsat activities for the year, with activity resuming in October as the next intake of graduates join Astrium and choose to participate in the project.

The review will be an opportunity for subsystem leads to present the work achieved this year, focusing on the progress of actions agreed as a result of the previous major milestone, the Mid-Year Review.

Technical experts will be on-hand at the review session, to observe the progress made and offer their own expertise to drive the project forward. As a result of collaboration and advice given by the experts, objectives for the 2009-2010 Lunchsat year will be agreed as the primary output from the review.

Reporting on subsystem progress today will be Graham Johnson (Systems), Jonathan Wynn (Payload: Imager), Roisin Speight (Mechanical), Nicholas Carter (AOCS), Aude Brunner (Thermal), Gurmeet Pawar and Frederic Bard (Power), Fabian Frost (OBC), Thomas Dunklin (Stevenage Groundstation) and Nick Fishwick (Project Management).

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