Friday, 5 March 2010

Abstracts submitted for IAC 2010

Today, several members of the Lunchsat team submitted abstracts to the International Astronautical Federation, the international space-advocacy organisation that recently made a call for papers for its annual International Astronautical Congress (IAC).

The IAC invites professionals from across the global space community to convene and share knowledge and ideas. This year's 61st IAC will run for a week in Prague with the theme 'space for human benefit and exploration' from 27 September. The abstracts covered topics such as operations and workforce development.

Christopher Lord (ADCS), Jason Stones (Media), Mauricio Molas Serrano (Portsmouth Groundstation) and Thomas Stuttard (Systems, Power), together with project lead Nick Fishwick (Project Management) and the guidance of project champion Ronan Wall, have all submitted abstracts to introduce potential papers that, if selected, will be written for and presented at the IAC conference from 27 September.

Christopher Lord: 'Implications of Passive Magnetic Attitude Control for a Cube-Sat'
B4.3 Small Satellite Missions Symposium -- Small Sat Operations

Jason Stones: 'The Potential of Innovative Outreach from Cube-Sat Programmes'
E1.4 Space Education and Outreach Symposium -- New Worlds, Innovative Space Education and Outreach

Mauricio Molas Serrano: 'Assessment of Amateur Radio in the Cube-Sat Community'
E1.2 Space Education and Outreach Symposium -- On Track: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Space Education

Thomas Stuttard: 'Systems Engineering, Operations and Payload Interfacing in Cube-Sats'
B4.6 Small Satellite Missions Symposium -- Design and Technology for Nano-Sats and Cube-Sats

Nick Fishwick: A Training Programme for Young Professionals in EADS Astrium to Build a Nano-Satellite'
E1.7 Space Education and Outreach Symposium -- Space Workforce Development: Challenges and Opportunities

Applicants nominated by the IAF to present their abstract will be notified on 26 April. Those successful will then be invited to write the paper and present it at the Prague IAC event in September.

For further details of this year's conference, visit the website of the International Astronautical Congress which is organised by the International Astronautical Federation. IAC2010 runs from 27 September to 1 October in Prague.

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