Monday, 21 January 2008

Pass/Fail Criteria Has Been Met

Congratulations to those who attended and passed the foundation course for their amateur radio licence. It was two mornings, a lost weekend and maybe one too many glasses of wine on my part the night before.

For those that attended, listened and learnt, we all passed with flying colours (including the kid on the left of the picture above).

Here they are in no apparent order (apart from alphabetical if you look closely) (and A+ for the people with * by their names):

Robyn Crerar*, Nick Fishwick, Neil Galbraith, Enrique Granell Mena*, Pedro Lau Semedo, Kim Mitchell, Alessandro Modigliana, Andrew Quinn, Andrew Shum, Martin Wallace, Jonathan Ward.

Many thanks to Paul Steed and Peter Quinn for helping us in our endeavours, and also a mention to Jonathan Philips for sorting out the signals from the noise to get us onto this course.

Remember everyone, switch off the power before helping someone in trouble!

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