Monday, 14 January 2008

Pioneers and Hopeless Romantics

Keen pioneers or hopeless romantics, a chosen few have decided to get their call sign wings in the coming weeks. Just shows Lunchsat is moving in an encouraging and forward direction.

The following people have signed up for the radio licence course (in no apparent order):

Jonathan Ward, Neil Galbraith, Martin Wallace, Enrique Granell Mena, Andrew Shum, Kim Mitchell, Scott Rose, Allessandro Modigliana, Robyn Crerar, Andrew Quinn, Nicholas Fishwick.

Pictures will follow next week of fellow Lunchsatters studying hard to learn how to control a radio.

Additional Portsmouth news:

Ground station procurement is moving, quotes have been given, purchases will be made, and equipment will arrive;

Computer equipment courteously of the company has been given the OK to be in Lunchsatters hands.

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